*Travel cost not included.

  • Eight hours of coverage.
  • A 6-8 minute compilation video.
  • Filmed on 2 HD cameras.
  • Teaser on Instagram a week after the wedding.
  • Upload to social media.
  • Flash drive with wedding content.

Option 2: Extended ($2399)

*Travel cost not included.

Everything in Option 1 plus the following:

  • Nine hours of coverage.
  • An 8-10 minute compilation video.
  • An interview of the Bride and Groom throughout the compilation video.
  • Entire ceremony filmed and included separate from compilation video.


+ $250 Rehearsal Filmed

I will be there the night before to film the entire rehearsal. Those tear-shed words your father said, I'll be there to capture it all.

+ $200 Unlimited Coverage

Need me to be there from beginning to end? Choose this add-on and I'm yours for the entire day.

+ $150 Entire Ceremony Filmed

Don't want an interview or pay the price of 'EXTENDED'? Add this to 'THE BASICS' and you're set for a two video package.

+ $100 All Raw Footage

Didn't get something you wanted to see in the compilation video? Well, look no further because you're getting all of it. ALL OF IT.


If there are any questions or personal requests, please let me know!

I would love to be able to help in any way.